About MindBody


What is MindBody? 

Mindbody is an online wellness platform our studio is currently using for our scheduling and class bookings. Through a personal account, you can register for classes, find information on class packages you have purchased, and also view our class schedule as well as potential changes. 

Upon booking for a class online, please head to the counter to ensure that you are checked-in for the class when you arrive at our studio. 

How do I create a MindBody account?

1.  Sign up via Mindbody

Click on the button below to head over to our MindBody portal to create an account. 

2.  Purchase class passes

Make a purchase over our counter, and the class passes will be credited into your account immediately.

3.  Check your account details 

Once the account has been created, an automated confirmation email will be sent to your address, and you will be able to fully access your account.