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Embodied Movement Weekend with Daphne Chua

  • Shiva Yoga Studio 159B Rochor Road Singapore, 188434 Singapore (map)


Join Daphne for a therapeutic movement weekend to bring about embodiment and healing. Learning through our innate kinaesthetic  spatial and emotional intelligence, we can unearth our ability to navigate the sometimes muddy waters of our chronically stress-induced body and busy mind chatter. We will do this by tapping into our felt sensations with the integration of our nervous system and the unique blueprint of our body-mind.
Instead of the usual visual-auditory based learning which are goal-oriented, we focus on the process of our inner experience and intuition to uncover new choices to move with greater ease. This body-sensing approach will create non-reactive pathways for the mind so that a healing space can be created for our overall well-being.

Sunday 17 June 10.30am-12.30pm
Embodying our Therapeutic Core

Are we able to initiate movement from the centre of our being so we can be stronger, more grounded, less fearful, and ultimately, free?
Deep core work requires focus and presence. It also calls for the body-mind to attend from the inside-out rather than the outside-in. Cultivate awareness to our energetic core through a holistic approach of breath work, visualisations, dynamic movements while also recruiting our 3-dimensional myofascial core for spaciousness, uplifting support, integrity and balance. This session will guide us into sensing, feeling, and acting from our essence. Embodying our authentic core will help with back pain, digestive issues, and gain mental clarity. 

Sunday 17 June 2pm-4pm
Sense, Feel, Restore: A deep dive into the Parasympathetic

In today’s fast-paced society, our attention is often glued to our electronic devices. The constant demands from work, family and society can inhibit our ability for us to find peace. Stress and anxiety are a result of our nervous system’s inability to down regulate from constant arousal (or “Fight, Flight, Freeze” mode)
Using a framework of gentle myofascial unwinding, breath work, restorative poses and visualisations to awaken our subtle body, we can bring stillness and tranquility to listen more intently to our deeper consciousness, allowing our nervous system to calm down to its much needed “Rest & Digest” mode, and the body-mind to reset and balance. This practice is aimed towards deep relaxation in which the organs and immune system can benefit from simply “being” instead of “doing”.

A certificate of completion with 4hrs CEU (Continuing Education Units) will be given upon completion of both sessions.

About Daphne

As a yoga therapist, a movement educator and bodyworker, Daphne has been practising yoga for the last two decades in a multitude of yoga styles & movement disciplines. She is also trained in the art of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy, Chi Nei Tsang (TCM Abdominal Detox Massage), Tai Chi Massage and Reiki, all of which she infuses into the alchemy of her integrated bodywork and evidence-based yoga therapy. Daphne incorporates a heart-centred approach with a solid foundation in biomechanics, breath work, somatic practices and hands-on techniques. She also melds insights from yoga philosophy, neuroscience, and subtle anatomy within her practice. Her therapy sessions, classes, workshops, and trainings are known to focus on breath, mindfulness, and embodiment to create the moment-to-moment balance in nurturing the body, mind and spirit.
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