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Born in the Himalayas, Mahendra graduated from the Gujrat Ayurveda University. In pursuit of his aspiration to be a yoga teacher, he has gone through a regressive learning of Yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurveda, from India's oldest and reputed universities and Ashrams.

Putting his scientific knowledge to practice, he worked in a naturopathic and Ayurveda hospital in India. Mahendra moved to Singapore in 1995 and worked with several established yoga studios. Mahendra has been a full-fledged yoga teacher since 1998 but he never stops learning and always felt the great need to attain the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Vedanta in the traditional way. Hence, he returned to his birthplace and was blessed by the teachings of Swami Sivananda Saraswati.

Now he is a freelance yoga teacher working with selected studios such as Shiva Yoga and also teaching yoga to his private clients. With 20 years of extensive experience he brings with him the art of yoga, philosophy of sutras and the synthesis of different classical forms of hatha, vinyasa, therapy and yin yoga.